Visio 2013 doesn’t have a Reset Settings option

Have you ever made some changes in the Visio 2013 Snap & Glue settings page and wanted to restore the settings to default, but couldn’t? Well that’s because Visio 2013 doesn’t have a Defaults or Reset button as you can see from the image below.

To see the Snap & Glue settings go to View tab > Visual Aids > Advanced tab (in my settings I set all the values to 30):

Visio Snap and Glue 1

Resetting Visio Snap & Glue settings

  1. Close all Visio windows.
  2. Click the Windows button and in the Search programs and files field type in regedit.exe and hit Enter to open the Windows Registry Editor:
  3. Go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OFFICE\15.0\Visio\Application key and back it up (just in case ;). Then select all the values and delete them:
  4. That’s it, now Visio is Reset, open Visio and go to the Snap & Glue settings window to see the settings are reset to their default values:
  5. Check out the registry settings to see the changes there also:

Hope this helped if you needed it!

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